How To Earn Money Online Without Site

How To Earn Money Online Without Site

Today is new day with new article talking about real and trusted ways to earn money online, we will talk today about freelancing sites, with the amazing internet evolution in this days, it easy to rent a engineer from India  for price like $500 per month or rent assistant from Canada for $800 per month, easily  by freelancing sites you can do all of this even more, don't surprise with the power of web our world become much easier for us, how ever this article for money seekers not employers, so we will talk about the second part which will helps you to earn money online with freelancing sites, so let us start.

What Is Freelancing Sites?

This kind of sites idea based on connecting employer with job seekers for jobs which can done online like designing, writing and programming, this jobs just for example there are many other jobs you can use, they make profits by taking fees from both employer and job seeker, and some of them take money for exams and memberships on this sites, however they divided in 3 types like:
  1. Normal Freelancing Sites: In this kind you can find jobs in all careers.
  2. One Profession Freelancing: In this one just one profession like only writing or translating or programming.
  3. Mini Freelancing Sites: This kind is about mini freelancing ones like Fiverr, 5amsat and SEO clerks, you only find small projects for lower price than the other normal ones.
If you have skills, check one of this sites to start to work from home and earn money online, which skills are recommended? and how i can find the best ones of them? will answer you for this questions in this article, so be ready to start to earn money online.

What Skills Are Recommended To Start To Earn Money Online?

So the next important step we should take to start learn how to earn money online from this article, is to know which skills i should have  to start work on this kind of sites, well the answer of this question is any kind of skill even singing! any way will mention top 10 careers:

Top Skills Recommend For Freelance Jobs:

  1. Programming.
  2. Writing.
  3. Designing.
  4. Engineering & Science.
  5. Translating.
  6. Data Entry & Admin.
  7. Advertisement services.
  8. Business.
  9. Cell Phone's Soft Ware.
  10. Sales & Marketing.

You will found thousands of people search for freelancers to help them in this kind of jobs, so take your step and start to work from home and earn money online.

What Are The Best Freelancers sites?

There are many of freelancing sources for jobs and job seekers, but it better to choose famous one to be able to find jobs easily, besides they must be trusted ones, the sites i will mention is most trusted ones you can find they have a lot of projects and a lot of members, so the last step you need to do now just to join one or more of this ones and start to earn cash:
  2. Odesk.
  3. Elance.
  4. Guru.
  5. People Per Hour.
  6.  Project To Hire.
  7. Simply Hired.
  8. Dice.
  9. Jobs On The Wall.
  10. Crowd Spring.

The articles is finished, for any questions or notes even if you want to share you experience with us please leave comment, kind regards.