Sell Domains And Earn Money Online

Sell Domains And Earn Money Online

Hello every buddy, today is great new days to tell you about new way to earn money online and work from home, you can use your free time to earn cash from home, many of people search for new effective ways to earn cash from the internet, i will tell you today for amazing way it not new way many do this way, but if you want to know more about trading in domains, read this article, we will show you how it works, and how to earn cash from this way, so let's know how we will earn money online  from selling domains.

What is domains?

Simply domains is the the site address, to set any new site you need two things host and address of this host that we call it domain, for example, we write this URL in our browser to open a website.

How I Can Earn Money Online Using This Strategy?

Look there are many ways to earn money online from this kind of trade, before mention them you should know the basic rule of this strategies, simply you get domains for low value and sell it with higher price, some people may be say this: no thing new, this rule in all trades! my answer: that no trade can give you profits to buy some thing for range $0.50 to maximum $35 and sell it for prices reach to 13 million dollars!  surprise? so let's know more about this career.

How I Can Start To Earn Money Online?

Well not in all cases we will target 13 million dollars or all people will be reach, we can put average $2,500 will be good to start, you can buy domain for average price $3 using discount coupons, but what domains i should target?
  1. Easy Named Domains: buy 2 or 3 or 4 letters domain, specially for famous sites, you can get it as low as $2/$3 and but it in domain selling sites auctions and wait the highest bid, by the way you can open Facebook by open this domain, this domain sold for Facebook by 8 Million dollars!
  2. Expired Domains: For SEO (Search engine optimization) experts from all over the world their is strategy called expired domains, they but old domains before 2011 with high number of back links and redirect them to your site and gain the authority, you can search for high quality ones and sell it in auctions.
  3. With High Page Rank: There are other strategy called blog network, they search for old domains with high page rank 3/4 up, and use it to make blog network by this domains and redirect it to their sites to get high page authority, you can buy ones of them then sell in the same way and to start earn money online, this was is great because always their is high competition in this kind, it's great way to work from home.

Top Domains Sites:

You can buy them from the sites in this list they are the best, you can use coupons to get high discounts, as you need every dollar because you have target to earn money online, not to lose them, don't forget to search for some valid coupons on Google before buy any of them:
  1. Godaddy.
  3. Net work solutions.
  4. Host gator.
  5. I-Page.
  6. Blue Host.
  7. Monster Host.
  8. Name Cheap.
  9. 1 & 1.
  10. Gandi.
For any question or note or if you want to share you experience with us please leave a comment, tart now to earn money online and work from home, good luck for all of you guys.