Top Ways To Earn Money Online From YouTube

Top Ways To Earn Money Online From YouTube

Today with one more useful article to teach you how to use your free time to do some thing useful and earn money online, we will share with you best ways to work from home and earn cash, in this article will tell you how to start work on YouTube and make thousand of dollars, And will do another thing thing special, will share top secret strategy to make over 1,000 Euro per month from YouTube easily, so be ready and if you
open another thing close it and try to focus with us, to learn how to earn  money online, let's go.
Note: don't use this method to make any video don't make Islam religion rules, like songs and naked videos.

How I Can Start To Earn Money Online From YouTube?

There are many different ways to earn money online from the internet, from my favorite and most effective ways you can find from Internet, it to work on the web, you apply to be YouTube partner and invest on YouTube by your videos, there are 3 ways the advertisements appear on your video, you can control,
for any of them you want it to appear:
  1. First one is banner near to the video.
  2. Second one is banner appear on the video, and the viewer can click or close it.
  3. Third one is a video of advertisement appear before the video start, after 5 second pass the viewer can close it, if he watch it for more 30 sec or more, you take price of click.

As Google Adsence you get paid for 2 ways, per 1000 view, and per click, the price of click or the view depending on the country of view from the ops countries in price United states of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Europe, or the topic of the video, you can target key words for your video and see it's price on Google Ad-words tools, you see the number of searches on YouTube keywords tools, you can find the monthly search for any country you target, and as we said before if you want earn money online fast and work at home using this way, target one or more from top priced countries we mentioned before, you should
take care for quality of the video too to get more subscribers and view, many of you guys don't know how to make good videos and how they will start earn money online using this way, but you can search in search engines about some edit programs to help you to create and edit on the video, another secret professionals only know it, if you don't have any video you can choose any video on YouTube and add or remove 5 to 10 seconds, when you upload it it for YouTube like new video! don't worry for copy rights, another points you should take care of is YouTube SEO, what is this? will tell you in the next part of the article.

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How I Can Promote To The Video And Get Views?

There are two main ways to be able to get views, there are some another cases too like share on blogs and forums but this ways don't make the same effect and number of views of the other ways, from features
for the other ways you can control the price of the click on the advertisements by targeting key words this two ways are:

  1. YouTube SEO: Or search engine  optimization is way that you get rank in search engines and in YouTube in case of videos, so to get rank in this site and other search engines you must work on SEO, you can find courses and articles if you search it much faster and easier than the normal SEO, you can target some keywords after you see the price and competition and number of monthly search and start to work on it.
  2. Social Media: using social media pages for sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and other social networks sites, specially if you have big page for topic or career you promote, like if you have chancel on YouTube about Husky dogs and have page on Face book about Husky, you will be able to earn money online and get a lot of cash using this page.

Secret Strategy To Earn Money Online:

Now the time of secret strategy to be able to earn money online and work from home and generate cash from videos, let's talk in case we target United states of America, first of all change your IP using any changing IP program to United states of America one, then open YouTube, when you open it you will find most viewed video in this country, you can choose any of them and edit on it like add or remove 5 to 10 second, when you get this video make  some SEO (Search engine optimization) on it you will able to get first rank in YouTube with high number of search you will get many view and a lot of cash using this way you will get about one thousand euro per month using this way,  you can share your experience or add comment feel free to do that, good luck for all of you guys, cheers.
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